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Paying for products with bottle caps, even in the world of video games, is far from normal. Having a game company accept those bottle caps – all 2,240 of them – in exchange for its upcoming game is even stranger.

Yet that's exactly what one intrepid fan did for a copy of this November's biggest release, "Fallout 4."
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A fan of the game 'Fallout' just shipped 2,240 bottlecaps to the makers and was granted an awesome wish


What's as reliable as a new Call of Duty game arriving every year? A Call of Duty zombies mode, of course. Aside from that one year when it was aliens instead of zombies, you can pretty much bank on Call of Duty receiving undead DLC, and according to new information that is definitely happening again in Black Ops 3. 

The news comes via a schedule listing for the San Diego ComicCon, which takes place between July 8-12. According to the listing, "Zombies director" Jason Blundell will demonstrate the mode during the convention. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that there's a guy at Treyarch with the job title "Zombies director", but I am.

Activision showed off a bunch of new Black Ops 3 stuff at E3 last week, including co-op cyborgs and some interesting additions to the series' multiplayer modes. The game releases November 6. 

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is definitely getting a zombies mode