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What we Offer

BUY, SALE,TRADE Magic Cards, Video Games and Movies

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  • Trade-in your Games ,System, Ipods

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    About Us

                                 History and What we do

Games For Us
was established in 2008. We offer our customers many choices of video games, DVD & bluray movies, CCG's like Magic the Gathering & Pokemon. Several board games including classics like Monopoly, what every your needs are Games For Us has what your looking for. Let us host your next Birthday Party or join up in one of our Gaming Tournaments. Have a craving for some Ramune soda or Pocky sticks we have a nice selection of Japaneses and Asian imported snacks and candy. There is also a full repair center for that broken game system, Ipad, or scratched disc you may have we can fix that too. There is over 4000 square feet of shopping frenzy, so make this your one stop shop for all your gaming needs!                                     Make sure to visit all the stores in the downtown area an help support local businesses.

please feel free to call us anytime or send us an email if you ever have a question.

608-847-3624 or

Professional STAFF

  • Knowledgeable   

  • Honest

  • Friendly


  • DIsc Scratch removal

  • Ipod & I Pad  (Broken Screens)

  • Game SYSTEM (lasers)

  • Game SYSTEM (HDMI)

  • Game Controllers




  • Birthday Parties


  • Gaming Tournaments